back Website development

We specialize in website development that enables functionality, per the owner's requirements. We are elaborating on all the types of web production products - from a simple single static page to complex web apps, includes web engineering, web design, web page development, e-commerce development. 

Our innovation decisions can improve not only your life but the lives of your customers, too. 

back UX/UI design

We specialized in UI and UX design. We create GUI design of applications and websites which is ensured through the animated micro-interactions and right structure.  

With the help of user experience design, we determine the structure of the interface and the functionality. Our web design assures that the final user interfaces will operate efficiently and intuitively.

back UX Analysis

We can help you measure the interaction between the user and the user interface through UX analysis and u testing.

We advise you on how to increase the duration of visitors' sessions, the number of pages in a session, the number of page visits and, ultimately, the generation of potential customers and their conversion through optimization of user interaction.

back Motion design

Motion design helps to create brand awareness and spread a powerful message. It is great for communicating abstract concepts, animating text, symbols or numbers. 

We design special effects of animation and 3D motion design. Creating a moving object or scene from scratch through a variety of techniques and digitally add or remove elements to existing video footage in a seamless way.

back Brand identity

We create a brand identity for products and companies that helps raise awareness and spread a powerful message to the target audience. 

We combine all the elements of the brand's external expression to make it top of the market. Create corporate identities, including the visual idea, logo, design, and style of internal and external communication. 

back Mobile app

We consider the desired user experience, the computing resources and native features required by the app, the development budget, time targets, and resources available to maintain the app to decide what type of app do you need. 

We develop native mobile applications, cross-platform apps, hybrid mobile applications based on standard web technologies, software packages and internal services, and also test applications on target devices.

About us

Independent Expert Team

We establish brands from the products you create.

We provide relevant professionals and a full range of digital products in one place.

We resolve recognition problems of your product due to the synergy of psychology, strategy, big-ideas, marketing, design, web technology and user experience. 

Why are we more efficient? We don’t need chairs, cookies, corporate outings and personal PCs from you. Nevertheless, we can become your best partner both for a short time and for a long period per your needs.

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