brand identity for IT company

Brand identity for IT startup is the most important thing in brand awareness development. It is the tone of voice and language of communications with the client. This is the first touchpoint a buyer faces. 

This new startup can help all people find experts in different spheres of life and propose expert skills for those who have not it enough. It is new. Customers didn’t hear about such a service before. For this reason, we created trigger brand elements, to invoke the interest and the desire to return to interacting with the brand again and again. We paid a lot of attention to the name and tagline as the main elements in the identity and base of future communication. Made it simple, easy to remember, unique, modern, with the ability to scale and explanation of the services’ sphere.

The name is alliteration. Its decoding has become a slogan and a description of the main advantages and brand offers. Based on it, we have created a logo and options for its use.

SKOD — Skills on demand

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